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West Paw

West Paw Seaflex Recycled Plastic Flyer Dog Toy - Sailz - Hibiscus

West Paw Seaflex Recycled Plastic Flyer Dog Toy - Sailz - Hibiscus

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Amp up your dog’s fetch game with the West Paw Sailz Frisbee Disc Toy!
Get your dog to jump for this fast and furious flying disc! The West Paw Sailz is more than just a fun catch-and-fetch classic dog toy. This flexible and durable Frisbee dog toy features West Paw’s exclusive Seaflex™ material that’s made with zero-waste Zogoflex and reclaimed ocean plastic certified by Oceanworks®, making this outdoor pet toy eco-friendly. The Sailz has a centre grip hole that makes it easy for your dog to pick up, catch, and carry around. The lightweight material allows you to throw the disc farther and faster to make fetch games more exciting and challenging for your pet! You can also use the Sailz in water since it floats and can easily be seen.


A re-imagined and eco-friendly version of a classic dog toy!
Flexible, yet durable, pet-safe material that’s safer for your pet to play with
Made from West Paw’s recycled Seaflex™ material and has zero BPAs, phthalates or latex
Features a centre grip hole designed to make it easier for your dog to pick up
Lightweight material that can fly far and fast to challenge your dog
Floats in water and can be used on both land and sea!
Can be used for fetch or tugging play
Ideal for medium to large dogs and moderate chewers
Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
Made in the USA and FDA compliant
Recyclable dog toy that can be recycled at your local centre
*Note: Not for aggressive chewers.

Materials: Seaflex™ (88% zero-waste Zogoflex, 12% reclaimed ocean plastic)

Size: One Size

Dimensions: Approx. 22cm x 2.5cm

Colours Available:




Make the West Paw Sailz your dog’s favourite outdoor toy!

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