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Outward Hound

Tough Seamz Gorilla by Outward Hound

Tough Seamz Gorilla by Outward Hound

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Satisfy your dog’s rough play and strong chewing with the Outward Hound Tough Seamz Toys!
Want a toy that will withstand your dog’s rough play? The Tough Seamz Animal Plush Toys are designed specifically to keep your strong canine entertained for hours. This Outward Hound exclusive is made with a layer of Chew Shield and extra strong and tear-resistant seams for maximum durability and support. Instead of the usual stuffing you would find in other plush dog toys, the Tough Seamz are stuffed with two Invincible squeakers that continue to squeak even if punctured If the toy wears down over time and has holes, you won’t have to worry about a mess since there’s no filler material inside the toy – just pure squeaky fun!


Specially designed dog toys that are made for tough chewers
Features Outward Hound’s exclusive Chew Shield Technology to make the toy last longer and withstand rough play
Extra strong and thick seams and multiple fabric layers for added durability
Contains 2 Outward Hound Invincible squeakers – squeaks even if punctured!
No stuffing = no mess if toy ever gets torn or has holes
Great for large dogs and pets that love enthusiastic play and chewing
Design: Gorilla

Get your playful pet the Outward Hound Tough Seamz for all-day chewing fun and entertainment!

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