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Smartcat Big Mouth Litter Scoop - Grey

Smartcat Big Mouth Litter Scoop - Grey

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Remove all impurities in your cat’s litter box in one go with the Smartcat Big Mouth Litter Scoop!
Cleaning up your cat’s litter box is easier than ever with this one-step litter scoop! Designed with a wide mouth and large holder, this scoop keeps everything inside and sifts through the litter easily to remove impurities. The wave-shaped openings on the side of the scoop helps to instantly separate litter from your cat’s feces. Now you can make litter box maintenance quick and effortless with the Smartcat Big Mouth Litter Scoop, so add it to your cat care toolbox!


Cat litter box scoop with wide mouth and large holder for one-scoop clean-up
Makes cleaning your cat’s litter box quick, easy, and less messy
Unique basket-like shape prevents your hand from touching litter box contents
Wavy designed openings to sift out litter and keep impurities inside the scoop
Colours Available:

Easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting use!

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