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SloDog No Gulp Bone-Shaped Slow Food Plate for Cats & Dogs

SloDog No Gulp Bone-Shaped Slow Food Plate for Cats & Dogs

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Control your dog's eating and manage their weight and health easily with the SloDog No Gulp Slow Feeder Plate!
Turn feeding time into interactive play while slowing down your dog. The SloDog is an essential item to include in your pet care routine. Designed with small pockets that hold a small amount of food, this slow feed plate forces your pet to focus on each pocket; if they try to eat two pockets at once, the food will fall out of their mouth. You can even use this feeding plate to help manage your dog's weight with the slow feeding method and improve their overall health and well-being.

With the wide surface area of the dog food plate, your furry friend will have an easier time chowing down on their meals. It's the perfect alternative to slow feeding dog food bowls with complicated mazes or designs! The non-slip base ensures that the SloDog Plate stays in place and prevents spillage as your pet eats. This slow feeding plate has been tested to slow down eating from seconds to many minutes. The SloDog Feeder can hold up to 2 cups of wet or dry dog food (dry dog food recommended).


Slow feeder plate for dogs with anti-gulping design - ideal for dogs that gulp their food
Helps reduce the risk of various conditions such as severe bloating, constipation, weight gain, and twisted bowel
Features a unique, effective design with mini pockets that hold a small amount of food to help slow feed your dog
Tested to slow down feeding from seconds to many minutes
The perfect weight management aid - great to use for overweight pets
Makes an excellent alternative to slow feeder bowls - flat, wide surface area to make eating easier for your canine
Non-skid base to keep plate in place and prevent spillage
Durable, non-toxic, food-grade material for safe and long-lasting use
Colours Available:

Material: Non-Toxic, Food-Grade PP

Size: Holds up to 2 cups/500mL/454g of wet or dry dog food

Measurements: 35cm x 26cm

Help your dog take their time with feeding and get the SloDog No Gulp Feeder!

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