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Petstages Madcap Splashin Fashion Duck

Petstages Madcap Splashin Fashion Duck

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Let your dog play in style with the trendy Madcap toys!
Stuffed with a loud squeaker, the Madcap dog toys is specially made to attract any dog’s attention and keep them entertained. Made from strong canvas material, these toys are great for tugging and tossing activities with your dog. Even during solo play, the soft and lightweight body makes it easy for your pooch to carry around and comfortable to bite on.

The Petstages Madcap Squeak Toys feature trendy birds that are designed with runway looks and make fun play pals for your canine. They also flop around to entice your dog to play with them. For a one-of-a-kind toy in your dog’s collection, be sure to take one of these bright and playful bird-themed toys home with you!


Fun dog toy that squeaks and flops to interest your pet in engaging in active play
Made from durable, yet soft, canvas material for long-lasting use
Lightweight toy that’s easy to carry and bite into
Great for indoor games like tossing and tugging
Unique and fashionable bird characters that make fun play pals for your dog
Designed to keep your dog’s attention and entertain them
Madcap Animal Designs:

Well-Heeled Poultry
Splashin’ Fashion Duck

Well-Heeled Poultry: approx. 152mm (length) x 76mm (width) x 140mm (height)

Splashin’ Fashion Duck: approx. 152mm (length) x 152mm (width) x 64mm (height)

Can be used for independent or interactive play!

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