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MOBOLI Water Dispenser- River - Blue

MOBOLI Water Dispenser- River - Blue

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Ensuring your pet gets water at its purest.
Moboli Water Dispenser-River-Blue is designed to filter the finest of particles, ensuring your fur babies are getting the safest drinking water there is. Selected for their safety and quality by pet owners across Australia, using this efficient process guarantees that what goes into the bowl at mealtime is better than some of what finds its way into our own faucet. A valuable investment for all animal lovers who want only the best for their precious pets!

Benefits and Features:
Perfect for cats of all ranges and size.
Ideal for small and medium-sized dogs.
Equipped with a 312mm length bowl and 45-deg bevel angle for comfortable drinking and easy access.
Can be dismantled for hassle-free cleaning.
3 stage filtration system with high-density filter cotton and high-content activated carbon filter and increase oxygenation content of water.
The maximum lifespan for each filter is up to 30 days.
USB Charging ultra-quiet pump.
Made of fine-crafted white ceramic material and has a unique shape.
Uses Maifanitum stage 7 mineral stone, releases ionised minerals continuously.

Note: Important!
Please put the new filter into the water for at least 30 minutes before the first-time use.
It is recommended to clean the fountain every 3 – 5 days

Product Weight: 3kg
Product Dimensions: 30.2 cm(L) x 10cm (W) x 12.2(H)
Product Colour: Blue
Water Capacity: 1000 ml

MOBOLI Water Dispenser River Blue is a pet water dispenser made to remove unsafe contaminants and make sure it's a high-quality water resource for your pets. Known to be the best pet dispenser in Australia, your furry friends will be drinking healthier water from this pet water dispenser that ensures oxygenated water.

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