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Zippy Paws

Mini Donutz - Blueberry by Zippy Paws

Mini Donutz - Blueberry by Zippy Paws

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Sprinkle some more fun into your dog’s day with the squeaky and colorful ZippyPaws Donutz toys!
Dogs can’t have real donuts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have one! With the ZippyPaws Donutz, these fun and squeaky toys are sure satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth. Each Donutz is stuffed with two crescent-shaped squeakers to give your pet twice as much fun. Every bite entices your pup to keep playing and helps keep them entertained!

Not only does the Donutz toy squeak, but it also rattles to capture your canine’s interest and get them playing all day long. Made from soft material, this creative dog toy provides extra comfort while your pet bites and chews away. These Donutz have no stuffing so you can enjoy a mess-free toy. Give your dog a treat they’ll love and grab a dozen of these ZippyPaws Donutz for your pet’s toy box!

Be sure to check out the ZippyPaws Mini Donutz on our site if you want a smaller Donutz for your miniature dog or small puppy!


Fun squeaky donut-designed toy for dogs
Features 2 crescent-shaped squeakers inside for double the squeaky fun
Exciting chew toy that squeaks with every chomp
Comes with a rattle for extra enticing elements to attract your dog’s attention
No stuffing toy for mess-free fun
Donut shape makes it easy for dogs to bite and carry around
Made to look like a real donut with sprinkles and frosting
Ideal for small to medium dogs that love squeaky toys
Flavour: Blueberry

Donutz “Flavours” Available:

Pumpkin Spice
Mint Chip
Grape Jelly
Toy Dimensions: Approx. 178mm x 178mm x 51mm

Make breakfast extra fun for your pet with the squeaky ZippyPaws Donutz!

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