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Max & Molly

Max & Molly Smart ID Cat Collar - Black Sheep

Max & Molly Smart ID Cat Collar - Black Sheep

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Give your cat a stylish collar that also keeps them safe with the Max & Molly Smart ID Cat Collar!

Now you don’t have to worry about your cat being lost with the Max & Molly Smart ID Cat Collar! This cat collar gives every cat owner peace of mind when their curious cat wanders off and goes exploring - whether indoors or outdoors.

What Is The Smart ID Tag? The Lost Pet Protection Program

Exclusively for Max & Molly Smart ID pet collars, the Smart ID Tag that is already attached to your pet’s collar has a QR code on the back. You can activate the ID tag with the free Max & Molly Gotcha! App, which makes it easy for you to track your pet’s location or even mark them as missing. If someone else finds your pet and scans the QR code, you will be automatically notified of your pet’s location through Geo-tagging. No batteries or chips are required to use the Max & Molly Lost Pet Protection Program. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the Smart ID Tag of your Max & Molly collar and set up your pet’s profile!

Extra Collar Safety Features

This cat collar is 100% adjustable and features a safety break-away buckle that releases if your cat is in a precarious situation (e.g., caught in a tree, fence, etc., that may strangle or choke them). The classic kitty bell also acts as a tinkling alarm to let you know that your cat is near.


  • Safety cat collar with exclusive Smart ID Tag to know where your cat is anytime!
  • Smart ID Tag with QR code to help track your pet’s location - no batteries or chips required
  • Cleverly made with a break-away buckle to prevent choking or strangling
  • Adjustable collar to customise the collar size to fit your pet easily
  • Designed with a classic kitty collar bell to give you a heads up when your cat is around
  • Comes in a fun and unique design that stands out for visibility
  • Can be used for cats of all ages and sizes

Design: Black Sheep

Size: One Size (Approx. 1cm x 22cm-35cm)

Material: Polyester

Swap ordinary or complicated pet collars for the easy-to-use and trackable Max & Molly Smart ID Cat Collar!

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