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Ibiyaya Fold-Out Cardboard Cat Scratcher with Replaceable Boards

Ibiyaya Fold-Out Cardboard Cat Scratcher with Replaceable Boards

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Give your cat double the scratching fun with the Ibiyaya Fold-Out Cardboard Cat Scratcher!
With a simple and extended design, the Ibiyaya Fold-Out Cardboard Cat Scratcher offers your cat plenty of scratching surface to satisfy their curiosity and scratching urges! Great for multi-cat homes as well, this cardboard cat scratcher can be stacked by folding the boards together or flattened by opening up the scratcher, which makes an excellent cat-napping area, too.

Made with durable, corrugated cardboard material, this cat scratcher provides unique textures that your cat loves to get their paws on. Each board is replaceable, and replacement boards are sold separately. Scatter catnip or your cat’s favourite treats on the scratcher to entice your pet!


Fold-out cardboard cat scratcher that can be stacked or folded out
Features two boards for scratching or napping - great for multi-cat homes
Compact - folds to take up less space
Made with durable corrugated cardboard material for satisfying scratching
Replaceable cardboard to prolong playtime and scratching for your cat
Can be used with your cat’s favourite treats or toys
Easy to store away - just fold it up and slide away
Natural and Neutral colours
Ideal for all cats to enjoy
Colours Available:
Sage Green

Product weight 0.935kg
Dimensions: L41cm x W30cm per side

Note: Replacement boards are available and sold separately.

Make the Ibiyaya Fold-Out Cardboard Cat Scratcher a staple in your cat daily routine!

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