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Go Cat

Go Cat Da Bird Sparkler Teaser Cat Toy - 45cm Wand

Go Cat Da Bird Sparkler Teaser Cat Toy - 45cm Wand

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Made in the USA by the funky folk at the Go Cat headquarters, the Sparkler Teaser will entertain you and your cat for hours.

Providing great exercise that will help your cat live long healthy (9) lives, the Sparkler Teaser will have your cat scrambling and jumping in a mad dash to catch this toy as you twirl it through the air. Watch them do back flips, pounce and stalk and swat at it with all four paws! A great way to bond with your cat!


  • Cats LOVE the movement of the rainbow mylar
  • Alternative to feathers
  • Assorted Bright Colours
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Great interactive play for your cat

As this is a handmade product, there may be slight variations to colour and features depicted in photos.

Wand Length - Approx 45cm

Made in the USA

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