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Floofi 3-in-1 Pet Remover Brush Blue

Floofi 3-in-1 Pet Remover Brush Blue

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Floofi 3-in-1 Pet Remover Brush Blue

While furry buddies make wonderful companions, their fluffy fur that you soothe each day - earning you a lovely, contented purr or rumble - can be a downright nightmare when it comes to cleaning. These fine fur flutters in the air settling everywhere including your clothes, table and bed. While cleaning these fur on hard surfaces is a walk in the park, the same could not be said for your clothes and soft surfaces. Made of polyester weaved with tiny bristles, our Floofi Pet Hair Remover Brush picks up fine hair and fur so effortlessly that your lovely home will never ever again be a tempest of fur!


  • Squeeze It Anywhere: Slim and lightweight for easy storage. Store it in your drawers and shelves or slip it into the pockets of your backpacks when you travel with your pets.
  • Innovative In Design: Collect fur effortlessly with a swipe. Made with polyester weave with tiny bristles that pick up fine hair and fur swiftly. Comes in two sides to pick up more at a time.
  • Keep To Clean: Removes accumulated hair and fur in a blink of an eye. Simply sheath its fur-packed brush into its case and pull it back out again to get a clean brush!
  • Easy On Your Dollars: Reuse and reduce helps not only the environment but also your wallet! Practical and durable, use it time and again for a happier pocket in the long run.
  • A Practical Gift: Perfect for any pet lover with dogs or cats. Help them fight the furry mess that they had to battle every day to keep their home clean!


  • Material: ABS + down pile making cloth
  • Colour: Blue
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