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Nina Ottosson

Dog Worker Composite by Nina Ottosson

Dog Worker Composite by Nina Ottosson

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Elevate your dog's treat time with the stimulating Dog Worker Puzzle Game, encouraging them to earn their treats! The Nina Ottosson Dog Worker treat-dispensing puzzle is a distinctive and enjoyable way to engage your pet. Tailored with sliding pegs and pivoting fins, this Level 3 puzzle game suits advanced pets seeking a more challenging treat hunt. Conceal your pet's treats within the compartments under the fins and pegs, enabling your dog to maneuver these parts in pursuit of their reward. Crafted from composite material, the Dog Worker puzzle game ensures durability and hassle-free cleaning for endless rounds of mental stimulation and amusement.

Key Features:

Level 3 Nina Ottosson puzzle game for advanced dogs Includes sliding pegs and swivel fins for treat hiding and easy manipulation Fixed parts prevent choking hazards and maintain toy integrity A unique and engaging way to challenge and reward your pet Enhances your dog's cognitive abilities and tackles boredom Constructed from composite material for lasting durability Effortless to clean, ensuring continuous entertainment Challenge Level: Level 3 (Advanced) Material: Composite

Size: One Size (Large)

Dimensions: Approximately 38cm (length) x 36cm (width) x 6cm (height)

Boost your dog's mental prowess with the Nina Ottosson Dog Worker Puzzle Game!

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