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Nina Ottosson

Dog Smart Composite by Nina Ottosson

Dog Smart Composite by Nina Ottosson

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Engage and challenge your pet's cognitive skills with the entertaining Dog Smart Puzzle Game! Elevate treat time into an exciting mental exercise using the Nina Ottosson Dog Smart, a Level 1 puzzle game suitable for pets of any age or size, especially perfect for beginners.

Simply stash your pet's beloved treats or kibble under the pegs and watch them unravel the challenge! Vary the difficulty by concealing treats under specific pegs or all, utilizing scent holes atop the pegs to guide your curious furry friend towards their delightful rewards.

Crafted from a composite material blend of wood and plastic, this durable puzzle game ensures longevity and hassle-free cleaning for repeated use. Not only does the Dog Smart game effectively combat boredom, but it also aids in curbing destructive behavior.

Key Features:

An introductory treat-seeking puzzle game designed for dogs Encourages hunting for dry or wet treats concealed beneath pegs Facilitates treat discovery through scent-enhancing holes on top of pegs Enhances pet intelligence and combats boredom Constructed from a durable composite material for long-lasting use Suitable for pets of varying ages and sizes Effortlessly maintained and cleaned for multiple uses Puzzle Level: Level 1 (Easy) Material: Composite

Size: One Size (Large)

Dimensions: Approximately 27cm (length) x 24cm (width) x 6cm (height)

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