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CATIO Sisal Cat Scratching Post With Hanging Cat Toy

CATIO Sisal Cat Scratching Post With Hanging Cat Toy

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Get ready to witness the most epic scratching spectacle with the CATIO Sisal Cat Scratching Post. It's a scratching extravaganza that will leave your cat purring with delight. This quirky post boasts not one, not two, but three mind-blowing textures that will make your cat's claws tingle with anticipation. From the corrugated paper at the top, perfect for those intense scratching sessions, to the rugged sisal hemp rope in the middle, designed to withstand even the most vigorous scratches, and the carpeted base below, for a gentle scratch they might prefer! And the fun doesn't stop there! The hanging cat toy is like the cherry on top, adding an extra dose of excitement that will make your cat go wild with swats and leaps. 

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