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CATIO Green Grape Cat House

CATIO Green Grape Cat House

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Create a serene sanctuary for your cat with the CATIO Green Grape Cat House. Designed with a round entrance that leads to a private and secure space where your cat can relax and enjoy moments of tranquillity. The hanging green plush ball at the entrance invites playful swatting and batting, keeping your cat entertained and the spacious cylinder shape ensures that your cat has ample room to move and stretch comfortably. 

The cat house comes in hues of green, adding a touch of nature to your home. The soft plush material creates a cozy and inviting environment for your cat to curl up and rest. With its sturdy and stable construction, this cat house guarantees durability and peace of mind. Additionally, the top of the cat house offers additional lounging space, allowing your cat to perch and observe their surroundings with a sense of regality.

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