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CATIO Chipboard Flannel Cat Scratching Tree - Abstract Deluxe 50x50x127cm

CATIO Chipboard Flannel Cat Scratching Tree - Abstract Deluxe 50x50x127cm

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"High quality and durable cat scratching tree for your purrfectly cute cats."

CATIO Abstract Deluxe Chipboard Flannel Scratching Cat Tree 127cm is the perfect way to keep your cats entertained while satisfying their natural scratching instincts. With three different scratching surfaces, your cat will have plenty of options to scratch and mark their territory. Not only is this tree stylish and functional, but it's also a great way for you and your cat to spend some quality time together. The soft platforms are perfect for playing or taking a nap in the sun. And when you're not using it, the tree can be easily folded up and stored away until next time.

Benefits and Features:

Deluxe cat tree is made with a plush fabric that feels luxuriously soft and has a swanky, velvety look.
Stands 127cm tall.
Includes condo, 3 top perches.
This cat tree has all your kitty’s needs covered by providing cosy spots to relax in, hideouts to retreat to at their leisure, scratching and perching opportunities, and playtime fun.
Cats love all the different heights to climb up to, as well as scratching on the sisal rope to keep nails healthy and get in a good stretch.
The plush material in dark hues is designed with your home décor in mind.
Perfect for single cat or multi-cat homes.

Directions for Use:

Make sure to check the measurements if it fits just right in your home.
Location of your tree matters. Make sure to have enough space for the Cat Tree/Tower.

Product Dimension (LxWxH): 50x50x127cm


Brand: CATIO (Cats)



You can find the perfect spot for your cat's tree by checking where they usually like to play, rest and watch over their territory. It is best if you install it in an open space with lots of visibility from multiple angles because this will allow them access into other areas throughout the house such as near windows or doors that lead out into rooms. A location that offers optimal viewing opportunities while still remaining close enough without being too cluttered.

CATIO Abstract Deluxe Chipboard Flannel 127cm is a stylish cat tree that manages to be functional against the backdrop of modern life while simultaneously serving as an eye-catching centrepiece in any home. Cat scratching tree made of high-quality chipboard and jute-twine for your furry feline to scratch the day away. The interactive tree for cats features multiple perches, blocks, a tangle of jute-twine, and boasts cat-friendly constructions that are certain to give your feline friend plenty of playing space they'll love.

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