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CATIO Chipboard Flannel Cat Scarathing Tower-Mini

CATIO Chipboard Flannel Cat Scarathing Tower-Mini

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"Cat scratching tree that combines style and purpose."

The CATIO Mini Chipboard Flannel Cat Scratching Tower is a stylish way to make your cat happy and provide them with an engaging activity. With its fashionable design, this cat tree combines style with utility for interior spaces. The scratch tower features lightweight chipboard that's strong enough to stand up to your favourite feline, but designed in such a way that it can be easily disassembled when you're looking for extra space!

Benefits & Features:
Cute mini-tower platform.
Magnificent plush resting platform.
With Jute twine scratching poles.
Hanging rope and fluffy balls for additional fun.
Made with your cats in mind with royalty feels.
Easy to assemble.
Safe and Environment Friendly.
Latest stylish design.
A secret place for private sleeping Included.

Plush Covering / Sisal

Direction for Use:
Place in a safe area where your fur babies can have their fun activity.
Keep the product and the area clean always.
Product Dimension: 50cmx33cmx47cm

Brand: CATIO (Cat)

Catio Chipboard Flannel Mini is a cat scratching tree where your cats can scratch, play, hide and even rest. The stylish design scratching tower is perfect for any interior space, and the lightweight chipboard construction is strong enough to stand up to your favorite feline. Made to be an interactive cat tree, your feline pet can stay here for hours and still become active while you are away or cannot attend to your pet, this cat tree will keep your cat busy.

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