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Buster IncrediBowl Wet and Dry Food Bowl for Long Eared Dogs - 2 Sizes

Buster IncrediBowl Wet and Dry Food Bowl for Long Eared Dogs - 2 Sizes

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BUSTER IncrediBowl is an ideal solution for long-eared dogs, the shape of the bowl keeps a dog's long ears outside the bowl during eating.
Your dog's ears will not be dirtied or stained by liquid food that may leave a lingering bad smell behind. BUSTER IncrediBowl has a conical-shaped design that ensures a dog will not gulp down their food because they have to pick food from the inner corners. This improves your dog's health by reducing common maladies related to improper eating patterns. The soft material incorporates durable floor stabilisers that greatly inhibit movement while your dog eats.


Daily feeding bowl specifically for dogs with long ears who are feed a wet diet
Keep dogs ears out of the food thus preventing staining to the ears
Prevent ears from having a lingering smell caused by food
Conical shape forces your dog to eat at a slower pace
Anti slip bottom
Colours Available:

Small - 1 Litre
Large - 2 Litre

Reviews for the Incredibowl
"Our beautiful cocker spaniel puppy was always getting food in his long ears, so when we found this item online I ordered one immediately . Its absolutely brilliant. His ears are even longer now hes fully grown but they stay clean at food time. Its the perfect shape for the shape of his ears."

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