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Stroller Organizer - Chameleon by Ibiyaya

Stroller Organizer - Chameleon by Ibiyaya

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Keep your pet essentials and personal items all in one place while you’re using your pet stroller with the Ibiyaya Stroller Organiser! 

If you want to keep your belongings in front of you at all times while you’re strolling with your pet or you want more storage space while you’re outdoors, the Stroller Organiser is just what you need. Made to support all kinds of items, from dog leads to coffee cups, the organiser can be used to contain multiple items at once without falling off the stroller handles. The strong Velcro straps secure onto the stroller handles and ensure that the bag stays on. If you plan to accessorise your pet stroller, make sure to do so with the Ibiyaya Stroller Organiser!


  • Convenient stroller organiser that gives you extra storage space for your stuff
  • Made with durable fabric for better support
  • Designed with Velcro straps to secure organizer to stroller handles
  • Great way to keep your belongings close to you while out with your pet
  • Fits on most pet stroller handles

Design: Chameleon
Other designs available

Measurements: 31xm (width) x 13cm (height

Fun animal design on the front!

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