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Petstages Green Magic Boomerang

Petstages Green Magic Boomerang

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Encourage your kitty to enjoy solo play while you’re away from home with the Green Magic catnip toys!
Stuffed with premium filler-free North American catnip, the Green Magic cat toys bewitches your kitty into playing all day long while keeping them active and entertained. From wrestling to biting, these addicting toys encourage your pet to engage in animated play.

Made from soft material, these toys are fun to cuddle and comfortable to bite on. With the powerful catnip scent emitting from the toy, there’s no way your cat can resist! Help your cat get exercise throughout the day by adding the Green Magic catnip toy from Petstages to your cat care routine!


Exciting cat toys that are filled with filler-free 100% North American catnip
Encourages animated play like wrestling and biting
Soft, plush material for comfortable and safe fun
Strong catnip scent that attracts your kitty
Engages cat’s natural instincts to play and hunt
Green Magic Exclusive Designs Available:

Boomerang Buddy (Yellow)

Mightie Mouse (Green)

Size: Approx. 152mm (length)

Fun and quirky designs!

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