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Zippy Paws

Miniz - Gingerbread Men (3-pack)

Miniz - Gingerbread Men (3-pack)

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These miniature Gingerbread Men squeaky dog toys come in a 3-pack refill set for the Gingerbread House ZippyPaws Burrow or other Burrows. Each Gingerbread Man contains stuffing and has 1 round squeaker.


  • 3-pack refill Gingerbread Men for ZippyPaws Burrows (specifically the Gingerbread House Burrow)
  • Can be used separately without a ZippyPaws Burrow
  • Contains 1 round squeaker inside each Gingerbread Man
  • Stuffed for comfortable play

Dimensions: 15cm x 11cm x 5cm

Set Includes: 3 Miniz Holiday Gingerbread Men for Gingerbread House ZippyPaws Burrow (not included)

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