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Planet Dog

Mazee by Planet Dog

Mazee by Planet Dog

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Give your dog’s mind a power-up with the Planet Dog Mazee Slow Food Dispensing Interactive Dog Toy!
Great to use as a slow feeder or a treat dispenser, the Orbee-Tuff Mazee is a round ball featuring a pliable and clear exterior with an interior maze in the center of the ball that traps treats on the various levels. Your dog’s goal is to roll the ball around and get all the treats out of the Mazee! You can also use this food dispensing dog ball puzzle toy as a fun slow feeder to better control your dog’s food portions and prevent them from eating too fast, which can increase the risk of choking. The transparent exterior helps give you and your dog more visibility for easier treat tracking. The soft and bendable outer shell is gentle on your pet’s teeth and doesn’t wear or tear easily.

What is Orbee-Tuff?

Orbee-Tuff is Planet Dog’s exclusive material that lasts longer than rubber and is more elastic and durable. White olefinic oil is used instead of phthalate or BPAs to soften the material to keep it safe for your pet. Orbee-Tuff is non-toxic, phthalate-free, and BPA-free, so you can rest assured when your dog is using Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff interactive toys and products.


Treat-dispensing and slow feeder interactive dog toy with unique maze for a more challenging puzzle game for your pet
Completely translucent for your dog to see the treats or kibble inside and for you to check your dog’s progress
Rolls around and dispenses at random for unpredictable movement patterns your pet will love
Exterior globe is made with flexible material to be gentle on your dog’s teeth and inner maze is made with hard material to retain shape of ball
Features one opening for placing treats inside and to dispense treats
Can be used as a slow feeder for smaller meals throughout the day
Great to use for entertaining your pet to managing their food intake
Note: Not intended for chewing.

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Dimensions: 12.7cm

Make getting treats more fun and challenging for your pet with the Planet Dog Mazee!

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