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Ibiyaya Comfort+ Pet Stroller Add-on Kit (Small) - Play

Ibiyaya Comfort+ Pet Stroller Add-on Kit (Small) - Play

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You love your Ibiyaya Stroller, and now it's time to bling it up with a Comfort+ Add on Kit.
The Comfort+ Kit isn't just about good looks, it's about comfort for you and your dog. It's a pillow, a dirt shield, and handle padding all-in-one.


Comfort Plus - pups can curl up with extra padding both inside and for their heads as they peek over the stroller edge.
Extra protection for your stroller - pup nails are sharp and drool is icky!
Padding will keep your stroller in perfect nick longer.
Covered in cotton and won't irritate sensitive paws
Sturdy construction
Easy to use, Easy to clean, Easy to store - each component is machine washable
Multipoint magnetic attachment keeps the dirt shield secure and easy to remove
Available in Large and Small

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Enjoy the comfort and style of Ibiyaya Comfort+ Stroller Accessory Kit.

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