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FLOOFI Pet Sofa Cover 1 Seat (Khaki)

FLOOFI Pet Sofa Cover 1 Seat (Khaki)

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Great Protection: Comprising of cotton fillings within a well-stitched and quilted polyester cover, the sofa cover is exceptionally comfortable to sit on and keeps your precious sofa always clean.

Prolonged Pristine Condition: Floofi pet sofa cover also helps to reduce the amount of wear and tear for your sofa, and thereby increasing its lifespan and pristine condition.

Non-slippery Cover: Made with non-slip backing and a sofa strap that fits most sofas, this pet cover ensure that it is kept in place firmly so you can enjoy your time with your pet.

Amazing Filling and Materials: With 3 layers of decent quality filling and a luxurious plush quilted materials, Floofi pet sofa cover will make your sofa a comfortable place for not only your pet but for your family too.

Machine Washable: The pet sofa cover is removable and machine washable for easy care and maintenance.


Weight: Single (0.43kg)

Packing: Packed in a single PVC bag

Material: Polyester, Cotton Filling, Back Non-Woven Fabric

Unfolded Size: Single (55*196cm), Double (130*195cm), Triple (190*195cm)

Package Content

1 x Sofa Cover

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