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Floofi Long Handle Scooper Green FI-PS-103-YN

Floofi Long Handle Scooper Green FI-PS-103-YN

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Product Description

A long handheld pooper scooper can do wonders for your back if your fur buddy is an active one! Our Floofi Portable Pooper Scooper comes with a sturdy 24-inch handle to help you pick up after your pet without bending your back. Whether it's grass or concrete, its robust jaw will lift it off the ground in one clean bite! Now fold it in half and tuck in under your arms, and its long length would never come in between your swagger with your pal.

Do It Standing
Our 24-inch long handles gives you the convenience of scooping your pet's treasure without having to bend your back!

In One Scoop
Our 5 x 6-inch large-capacity scooping jaws allow you to capture your pet's treasure within a bite!

Fold In Half
Our long handles are designed to fold in the middle so you can store and carry more conveniently!

Use It Comfortably
Our ergonomic handle is made to fit into the contours of your palms and fingers for extra comfort.

No Matter Where
Our half-scoop half-rake design makes it easy for you to pick up your pet's treasure, whether it's on grass or concrete!


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Green
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 62 cm
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