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CATIO Tranquility Abode Scratching Post 40x40x119cm

CATIO Tranquility Abode Scratching Post 40x40x119cm

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"Love your cat but hate the scratches they leave all over your furniture?"

CATIO has the perfect solution - a scratching cat tree! This 127cm tall tree is made out of quality carpet and durable sisal rope, ensuring that your cat has plenty of places to scratch. Not only will this help keep your furniture safe, but it will also allow your cat to engage in their natural behaviour. The whimsical design of this tree makes it the perfect addition to any home. It also features high perches that will allow your family members to watch the action from afar day or night. When guests come over, be sure to let them know that this tree doubles as an excellent piece of furniture too!

Benefits and Features:

Tall cat scratching tree for your cat's fun play.
Modern stylish design to fit any home.
Multiple plush resting platforms for your cat's perches and relaxation.
Made with eco-friendly jute twine scratching pole.
Easy to assemble cat tree.

Directions for Use:

Make sure to check the measurements if it fits just right in your home
Location of your tree matters. Make sure to have enough space for the Cat Tree/Tower

Product Dimension (LxWxH): 50x50x 127cm


Brand: CATIO



You can find the perfect spot for your cat's tree by checking where they usually like to play, rest and watch over their territory. It is best if you install it in an open space with lots of visibility from multiple angles because this will allow them access into other areas throughout the house such as near windows or doors that lead out into rooms. A location that offers optimal viewing opportunities while still remaining close enough without being too cluttered.

CATIO Tranquility Abode Scratching Tree 127cm is a resting tree for cats with a cat scratching platform that provides a surface for a kitty to climb and claw. Cat tree that is easy on the eyes with its sleek design and made from amazingly durable materials.

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