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3 x KONG Wrangler Cactus Interactive Kickeroo Cat Toy

3 x KONG Wrangler Cactus Interactive Kickeroo Cat Toy

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Let your cat wrestle, kick, and bat the day away with the KONG Wrangler Cactus! This adorable and super soft cactus is stuffed with fluff and KONG’s premium catnip inside to reward and engage your cat into all-day fun. The cactus pot can be used to hide your pet’s favourite treats or extra catnip to entice them to continue playing. Soft and snuggly, this cactus also doubles as a bedtime buddy for cat naps!


  • Plush and adorable cactus cat toy with a long body that’s ideal for kicking and wrestling play
  • Features an attached pot where you can hide cat treats or catnip inside to entice your pet
  • Stuffed with KONG North American premium catnip to reward your cat
  • Soft and cuddly material for bedtime snuggles and gentle playtime
  • Ideal for all cats

Colour: Green

Qty: You will receive 3 toys per purchase.

Size: Approx. 19cm (height) x 11.7cm (width)

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